Topic four: working to help young people deal with their problems

This page has a series of activities and resources to support topic four of the 'Real life, your life' teaching resources.

Topic four can help students deal with their problems. The activities help develop a student's skills in:

The resources can be used in:

Learning outcome

To be aware of common issues that young people face and careers that I could work in to help people with these problems.

Delivery note

Pick and choose from the range of activities below to build your own lessons supporting this topic area. All delivery instructions are provided under each activity with clear references to resources. The slides contain all the information you need to deliver the lesson and the worksheets support all student tasks.

These activities raise a number of very important but also sensitive topics. It may be worth starting the activities with a warning message that you will be covering sensitive content, and if anyone feels affected by the lesson then they can speak to you after class. It may be worth considering if any students have experienced any of the issues before the class and letting them know.

Activity 1: Mental health

Describe common things that stress young people out and discover ways of helping to maintain mental health.

Activity 2: Drugs

Discuss why young people take drugs and explore the negative consequences through interviews with the Hollyoaks cast.

Activity 3: Body image

Create pictures of how young people can perceive body image and discuss how the media influences their attitudes.

Activity 4: Helping young people

Create a campaign to help young people experiencing mental health, drugs and body image problems and discover careers that students could work in to help people deal with these problems.

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