Topic two: work-related skills

This page has a series of activities and resources to support topic two of the 'Real life, your life' teaching resources.

Topic two explores work-related skills. The activities help to develop a student's skills including:

The resources can be used in:

Learning outcome

To understand some important work-related skills.

Delivery note

Pick and choose from the range of activities below to build your own lessons supporting this topic area. All delivery instructions are provided under each activity with clear references to resources. The slides contain all the information you need to deliver the lesson and the worksheets support all student tasks.

Activity 1: Work-related skills

Complete a Diamond 9 task to rank different skills for different jobs.

Activity 2: The joy of caring

Watch a video showing healthcare professionals talking about their jobs and record the skills that they describe and display.

Activity 3: Real people, real careers

Role-play different healthcare professionals, using their skills to deal with different patient scenarios.

Download the full set of resources for this topic area, including teacher notes, worksheets and slides.

Alternatively download the individual activities below.

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