Using your caring skills

This page is for you if you'd like to use your caring skills as a way into the health sector. 

There are links to further information about transferable skills and jobs that use caring skills and the wide range of settings where you may be able to work.

Perhaps you have raised a family or you have experience of caring for a friend or relative. These are valuable transferable skills.

As well as caring experience you may have other skills, interests or experiences you could turn into a job or you may have previous work experience.

Find out more about transferable skills to identify your skills and how they can be used in healthcare.

What opportunities are there?

There's a wide range of roles in healthcare where care skills are of primary importance, from support worker or healthcare assistant roles to positions where you need further qualifications and skills. See the explore roles section of this website.

There are entry points, for people at all levels and ages, from those with few qualifications to the highly qualified.

In today’s health system there's an increasingly wider range of roles and settings where you may be able to use your care skills.

Find out more about each of these options below:

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