Self assessment

This page introduces you to the first step of our career framework - self-assessment - and includes a number of exercises.

Self-assessment is the first step in career planning and means finding out more about what you want from work. It includes analysing your values, skills and interests to find out what you want from your career. Your goal is to find the role(s) that match with as many of your personal attributes as possible.

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It’s worth taking time to carry out your own self-assessment as it can reveal many of your personal characteristics and help define your strengths and weaknesses. Understanding these will help guide your exploration into the many different career/job role options available to you. Looking for similarities between these characteristics and the demands of the job role(s) you are considering is an essential element of your career planning.

There is a further benefit of starting your career planning with self-assessment. It will help you to write your application forms, and to prepare for the sorts of questions you may be asked at interview.

Self-assessment exercises

This section includes three self assessment exercises to get you started on developing your understanding of what you want from work:

There is also information about learning styles.

Once you have finished this section, you should move on to exploring your options. 

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