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Careers in healthcare science

If you are passionate about technology or science, and about helping others, a career in healthcare science offers a wide range of opportunities. Healthcare science staff play a vital role in the preventi

Tagged with: Healthcare science Download (Careers in healthcare science Feb 2018.pdf - 1.03 MB)

Careers in the ambulance service

The priority is no longer getting patients to hospital as fast as possible. Ambulance clinicians deliver mobile treatment services to provide care in patients' homes or other community settings, or give advice over the phone. 

Tagged with: Ambulance service team Download (Careers in the ambulance service Feb 2018.pdf - 1.41 MB)

Careers in the dental team

In joining the team, you’ll have day-to-day contact with a wide range of people and your work will make a real difference to their lives.

Tagged with: Dental team Download (Careers in the Dental Team Web 2018 final.pdf - 1.69 MB)

Careers in management

Every part of the NHS depends on the skills of its managers to make sure it delivers high-quality care to patients and makes the best use of its

Tagged with: Management Download (Careers in Management Web April 2018-1.pdf - 1.29 MB)

Careers in pharmacy

Medicines are the most common form of treatment in the NHS and pharmacies are where medicines are stored, prepared and dispensed.

Tagged with: Pharmacy Download (Careers in pharmacy.pdf - 2.08 MB)

Careers in the psychological therapies

If you work in the psychological therapies, you could help people cope with problems as diverse as drug or alcohol addiction, eating disorders, family breakdown or bereavement.

Tagged with: Psychological therapies Download (Careers in the psychological therapies February 2018.pdf - 2.3 MB)

Public Health Skills and Career Framework (March 2009)

At the request of the UK Public Health Workforce Advisory Group, the Public Health Skills and Career Framework was the subject of a partial refresh between November 2012 and February 2013, at which point an updated document was produced under the

Tagged with: Public health Download (PHSCF March 2009.pdf - 838.04 KB)

Healthcare Science Week Guide

Download this guide for ideas of how to get involved with Healthcare Science Week 2018.

Tagged with: Healthcare science Download (Healthcare Science Week 2018 guide for trusts.pdf - 6.19 MB)

Presentation on school nursing as a career

This presentation introduces people to school nursing as a career option.

Tagged with: Nursing Download (school_nursing_pp.ppt - 826.5 KB)


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