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Careers in medicine

If you have a passion for improving people’s lives and the determination to reach the highest standards, you’ll have a wide range of career opportunities.

Tagged with: Doctors Download (Careers in medicine December 2018.pdf - 1.7 MB)

Careers in healthcare science

If you are passionate about technology or science, and about helping others, a career in healthcare science offers a wide range of opportunities. Healthcare science staff play a vital role in the preventi

Tagged with: Healthcare science Download (Careers in healthcare science - December 2018.pdf - 1.55 MB)

Careers in midwifery

As well as the satisfaction it brings, the role is demanding and carries a high level of responsibility. Midwives work in all healthcare settings in a variety of ways, providing women and their families with choices and continuity of care.

Tagged with: Midwifery Download (Careers in midwifery - November 2018.pdf - 1.7 MB)

Apprenticeships in health

There are great opportunities to progress through apprenticeships if you want to do that, and the range of opportunities keeps growing.

Tagged with: Allied health professionals Download (Apprenticeships in health.pdf - 5.16 MB)

Preceptorship and return to practice framework

This document helps explain and provide information to nurses who are returning to practice about what preceptorship is and what the returning nurse’s role is when participating in a preceptorship programme. 

Tagged with: Nursing Download (Preceptorship and return to practice framework.pdf - 871.42 KB)

Therapeutic radiography - infographic

There is information on the entry requirements, university courses and more.

Tagged with: Allied health professionals Download (Therapeutic radiography infographic July 2018.jpg - 673.76 KB)

Careers in nursing

Nurses work in every sort of health setting from accident and emergency to working in the community, in patients’ homes or schools, with people of all ages and backgrounds. Some nurses begin t

Tagged with: Nursing Download (Careers in nursing - September 2018.pdf - 2.15 MB)

Careers in health infographic

It includes information on the number of people working in the NHS, vacancies every month and starting salaries. 

Tagged with: Allied health professionals Download (Careers in health infographic - September 2018.pdf - 1.39 MB)

Psychological therapies - infographic

There is information on the variety of roles, entry requirements, university courses and much more. 

Tagged with: Psychological therapies Download (Psychological therapies infographic - September 2018.pdf - 515.94 KB)

Psychiatry - infographic

There is information on the variety of roles, entry requirements, university courses and much more.

Tagged with: Doctors Download (Psychiatry infographic - September 2018.pdf - 918.25 KB)


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