Download a range of different resources such as posters, leaflets and booklets to help you in making career decisions.

There are also campaign resources and materials for teachers and careers advisers.

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NHS 111 infographic

Download this infographic which provides useful facts and figures about NHS 111, who works in it and the roles available. 

And visit our explore roles section to find out more about: 

Tagged with: Allied health professionals Download (NHS 111 infographic February 2018.pdf - 290.59 KB)

Healthcare Science Week 2018 poster

Use this poster to publicise Healthcare Science Week 2018.

Tagged with: Healthcare science Download (Healthcare Science Week 2018 poster.pdf - 2.1 MB)

Smaller and specialist allied health professions - qualitative research report

The research followed the reforms to the NHS bursary system highlighted potential risks to podiatry, therapeutic radiography, orthoptics, prosthetics and orthotics. 

Tagged with: Allied health professionals Download (Smaller and Specialist Allied Health Professions Final Report - June 2017.pdf - 2.22 MB)

Healthcare Science Week 2017 poster

Healthcare Science Week is an annual week-long programme designed to promote the amazing work of healthcare science professionals and highlight the difference they make to patients' lives.

Tagged with: Healthcare science Download (Healthcare Science Week 2017 A4 Poster.pdf - 2.59 MB)

Factors exercise

It can be used as part of the decision making section of our career planning framework.

Download (decision making tool.docx - 754.25 KB)

Force field exercise

This exercise can be used as part of the decision making section of our career planning framework.

Download (force-field exercise.docx - 750.88 KB)

SWOT analysis - career planning

This exercise helps you to identify these different elements to the roles you are considering:

  • Strengths
  • Weaknesses
  • Opportunities
  • Threats

Download (SWOT exercise.docx - 750.22 KB)


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