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Careers in the psychological professions

If you work in the psychological professions, you could help people cope with problems as diverse as drug or alcohol addiction, eating disorders, family breakdown or bereavement.

Tagged with: Psychological professions Download (Careers in the psychological professions - May 2019.pdf - 1.5 MB)

We are returning nurses - imagery

This series of images features three nurses who have recently returned to practice.

Tagged with: Nursing Download ( - 1.68 MB)

We are returning nurses - Meet Bridget (30 second social media film)

This 30 second video features Bridget who has recently returned to the profession and can be used to encourage others to return through your social media channels. 

Tagged with: Nursing Download (We are returning nurses - Bridget's story (30s).zip - 74.33 MB)

Careers in pharmacy

Medicines are the most common form of treatment in the NHS and pharmacies are where medicines are stored, prepared and dispensed.

Tagged with: Pharmacy Download (Careers in pharmacy - May 2019.pdf - 1.27 MB)

Careers in health informatics

If you love working with information technology, enjoy library work, are good at analysing data or find satisfaction in keeping accurate records, then there could be a job for you. All members of the NHS team, including healthcare professionals,

Tagged with: Health informatics Download (Careers in health informatics - May 2019.pdf - 3.11 MB)

Careers in management

Every part of the NHS depends on the skills of its managers to make sure it delivers high-quality care to patients and makes the best use of its

Tagged with: Management Download (Careers in management - March 2019.pdf - 1.07 MB)

Careers in the dental team

In joining the team, you’ll have day-to-day contact with a wide range of people and your work will make a real difference to their lives.

Tagged with: Dental team Download (Careers in the dental team - March 2019.pdf - 1.75 MB)

Careers in the ambulance service

The priority is no longer getting patients to hospital as fast as possible. Ambulance clinicians deliver mobile treatment services to provide care in patients' homes or other community settings, or give advice over the phone. 

Tagged with: Ambulance service team Download (Careers in the ambulance service Feb 2019.pdf - 1.98 MB)

Careers in the wider healthcare team

You may not realise just what a huge range of opportunities exist in the NHS. We rely on people as diverse as painters, caterers, chaplains, secretaries and engineers

Tagged with: Wider healthcare team Download (Careers in the wider healthcare team January 2019.pdf - 3.08 MB)

Careers in medicine

If you have a passion for improving people’s lives and the determination to reach the highest standards, you’ll have a wide range of career opportunities.

Tagged with: Doctors Download (Careers in medicine December 2018.pdf - 1.7 MB)


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