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Real-life story - Anthony Daniel

The toolkit also includes a Powerpoint presentation, a leaflet and some downloadable real-life stories.

Hard copies can also be ordered by contacting us.  

Tagged with: Nursing Download (school_nursing_transcript.pdf - 31.4 KB)

Healthcare science real-life stories

Bring healthcare science careers to life by reading real-life stories.

Tagged with: Healthcare science Download (Healthcare science - real-life stories.pdf - 812.18 KB)

NHS career framework

It encourages individuals to learn new skills and take on extra responsibilities that enable them to progress within the organisation. Many people take on additional responsibility within thei

Tagged with: Allied health professionals Download (NHS career framework.jpg - 178.3 KB)

Website promotion toolkit - handout

The handout is a part of a toolkit to help you promote the website and its new functionalities. 

Tagged with: Allied health professionals Download (Website promotion handout.pdf - 916.74 KB)

UK medical education and training framework

See our Careers in medicine booklet for more information about working as a doctor.

Tagged with: Doctors Download (UK medical education and training framework.pdf - 92.58 KB)

Healthcare science ambassador scheme- supporting notes

This download includes top tips for giving lively and engaging presentations.

Tagged with: Healthcare science Download (Healthcare science ambassador’s toolkit – supporting notes.pdf - 240.98 KB)

Healthcare science career and training pathways

See the different ways in to this fascinating career and find out more from our Careers in healthcare science booklet and information about

Tagged with: Healthcare science Download (Healthcare science career and training pathways.pdf - 89.84 KB)

A patient journey - Danny's story

This infographic can be used as part of 'a patient journey' teaching resources. Download the full

Download (Dannys_pathway_Final[1].pdf - 709.42 KB)


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