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SWOT analysis - career planning

This exercise helps you to identify these different elements to the roles you are considering:

  • Strengths
  • Weaknesses
  • Opportunities
  • Threats

Download (SWOT exercise.docx - 750.22 KB)

Careers in healthcare science

If you are passionate about technology or science, and about helping others, a career in healthcare science offers a wide range of opportunities. Healthcare science staff play a vital role in the preventi

Tagged with: Healthcare science Download (Careers in healthcare science (Jan 2017).pdf - 1.12 MB)

A career for you in health

Some will give you direct contact with patients, while in others you are part of a vast support network vital to delivering healthcare. Some roles are in hospitals, others are based in the community.

Tagged with: Allied health professionals Download (A career for you in health Oct 2016.pdf - 2.86 MB)

Careers in the dental team

In joining the team, you’ll have day-to-day contact with a wide range of people and your work will make a real difference to their lives.

Tagged with: Dental team Download (Careers in the dental team.pdf - 1.26 MB)

Careers in the allied health professions

If you are looking for a career that combines a challenge, an excellent employment package and the reward of doing something really worthwhile, the allied health professions offer a wide range of opportunities.

Tagged with: Allied health professionals Download (Careers in the allied health professions.pdf - 1.21 MB)

A patient story - Corporal Jed James

This infographic can be used as part of 'a patient journey' teaching resources. Download the full toolkit now

Download (Corporal Jed James' pathway - final.pdf - 4.43 MB)

UK medical education and training framework

See our Careers in medicine booklet for more information about working as a doctor.

Tagged with: Doctors Download (UK medical education and training framework.pdf - 92.58 KB)

Healthcare science career and training pathways

See the different ways in to this fascinating career and find out more from our Careers in healthcare science booklet and information about

Tagged with: Healthcare science Download (Healthcare science career and training pathways.pdf - 89.84 KB)


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