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  1. Director of public health

    Directors of public health hold some of the most pivotal strategic and leadership positions.

    The main route to become a Director of Public Health is through initial completion of specialty training. In some circumstances, it is possible to achieve specialist status through a 'portfolio' route where individuals present a portfolio of experience for assessment, to demonstrate that they have gained sufficient experience that is deemed to be equivalent to completing specialty training.
    While you may usually work standard hours, it's likely you will need to be available outside normal working patterns, for example in the case of a public health emergency, for media interviews etc. Salaries for Directors of public health are likely to be between £70-100,000 or more depending on the requirements of the role (around equivalent band 9 of Agenda for change or comparable local authority pay scale).
    You’ll have substantial experience of public health practice at a senior level in order to be able to make visionary, challenging and often difficult decisions about how services are delivered. You’ll have high-level skills in diplomacy, appropriate for working in complex political and social environments.
    Further opportunities for Directors of Public Health include more senior government roles or political consultancy and advisory roles.
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