Project management and procurement

Working in NHS project management and procurement means you’ll be making sure that projects that make a diffference to patients are delivered on time and within budget. 

Working life

On NHS projects, you could be working with private-sector suppliers to provide services such as information technology.

You’ll work with a variety of staff including colleagues from within the NHS including project managerspurchasing and contract managersestates and facilities managersfinance managers and a broad range of external suppliers.


Roles in project management and procurement 

This area of management will include staff working on a broad range of projects within healthcare, with a variety of job roles and job titles. Here are some examples.

Project director - major capital schemes            

You could be managing the development of extensive new facilities within the forensic services directorate of a high security hospital.

You’d be expected to:

Cardiac information project manager

Working within a hospitals NHS trust, this example role would be crucial to facilitating the development of information management and technology (IM&T) in support of cardiac care.

Project management and implementation - IT project/liaison manager 

This role would involve working closely with staff at a local NHS acute trust. You’d either directly manage the project or be involved with information, communication and technology (ICT) projects, seeking to understand the business objectives of the organisation and relating them to any local and national ICT solutions.

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