Real-life story - Alison Crawford

Alison joined the NHS straight from school at 16, and spent six months supporting the biomedical scientists in the pathology department.

Healthcare science Alison Crawford
Alison Crawford Medical laboratory assistant
Employer or university Northampton General Hospital
Salary range £10k-£20k

How I got into the role/scheme/apprenticeship?

After completing my GCSEs , I spent six months supporting the biomedical scientists in the pathology department at Northampton General Hospital. 

Although I enjoyed the work, I was keen to take on more responsibility and develop my skills. So when my manager suggested I enrol for Biology and Chemistry A-levels, as part of my development, I jumped at the chance. The NHS funded the courses for me, and gave me time off when I needed it. 

The best bits and challenges

It’s been a real challenge combining work and study, but very rewarding. It’s also given me the chance to put what I learn at college to good use at work.

The training and development opportunities here are excellent and it’s really encouraging to think that people from all backgrounds can have a great career in the NHS.

At the moment I am taking a break from studying, and focusing on my role here at the hospital. However, depending on what direction my career takes from now, I may take further qualifications at a later date.

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