Real-life story - Ben Yeates

Taking a temporary job in a GP surgery meant Ben was ideally placed to hear about opportunities elsewhere in the NHS. As an apprentice, he’s earning as he learns and he’s well on his way to qualifying as an engineering craftsman.

Ben Yeates

Apprentice in engineering

Employer or university
Wolverhampton Clinical Commissioning Group
Salary range
male NHS engineer

I’m very well supported. I get a wage and my employer pays for all my tools and uniform.

  • I gave up my A level course because I wasn’t enjoying it. I went travelling and decided I wanted to do something practical. While I was thinking about my options I took a temporary admin job in a GP’s surgery. While there, I heard the local PCT was taking on apprentices in the facilities department, so I applied and was taken on.

    Later, I’ll get the chance to do further training, such as in health and safety. I feel very excited about the amount of knowledge I am gaining through work and study. After that there are lots of opportunities to progress. I’ll be an engineering craftsman when I qualify and I’m looking forward to a great career in the NHS.

  • I started last year and I am really enjoying the challenge and gaining experience in a wide range of work. It’s a three-year apprenticeship leading to a City and Guilds certificate in plumbing and electrical work and an NVQ.

    I'm very well supported. I get a wage and my employer pays for all my tools and uniform. My course is also paid for – I do two days a week at college. I'm being sent to an acute hospital soon to learn about heavy acute equipment and about working in operating theatres and sterile environments.

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