#BeTheDifference campaign shows breadth of health courses available

Whether you're currently on a degree course, have graduated already or are awaiting your A-level results, a campaign is underway to promote the different health degree courses still available.

We've sent a series of personal emails and social media messages to set out how young people and others can make the difference in healthcare by choosing a health-related course.

Be the difference

Degree places starting this September are still available for all sorts of health courses with starting salaries for graduates of £22k up for grabs after graduation.

A health-related degree and career really does provide the opportunity to make a difference to people’s lives like no other field of work.

Our message is clear: a health course course be for you! 

Find courses

Nursing and other professions such as podiatry and prosthetics/orthotics all have courses available starting in September. The Health Careers course finder is the place to look for up-to-date information, so have a look today!

And see our financial support pages for the latest information on funding while you train. 


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