It's a take over!

Over the coming months, various health roles will be ‘taking over’ the Health Careers website and social media accounts to help us explain what’s involved in specific roles.

The roles we’ve chosen to take over are ones that have a growing workforce or that many people may not have heard of or know what’s involved, so keep a look out for details. 

Taking over

Starting with learning disability nursing on Wednesday 13 January, we’ll be focusing on one particular role for a two-week period to highlight:

Make sure you take a look at our first infographic on learning disability nursing.

Learning disability nursing

Make sure you follow us on Twitter and Facebook and keep an eye on our website for key information during each two week ‘takeover’. If you register with us and sign up to receive emails, we’ll also send you information straight to your inbox. 


The roles and areas we’ll be covering include:

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