Report calls for massive expansion to workforce supporting the public’s health

A new report from the Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH) outlines plans for a range of different occupations including cleaners, hairdressers and postal workers to support efforts to improve the public’s health.  

The report identifies a number of occupations, who have already started to support public health work including pharmacists and allied health professionals (AHPs). 

pharmacist with medicines

AHPs see over 4 million patients every week and 95% of the public visit a pharmacy at least once a year. The report also identifies a new tranche of occupations who could support public health efforts including:

The report shows that the public is ready to trust health promotion advice from many of these occupations, with 9 in 10 trusting the advice from pharmacists and AHPs. There is also a readiness for the public to heed lifestyle health advice from occupations who are far-removed from public health, with over half the public trusting such advice from the fire service and 1 in 4 ready to accept such advice from hairdressers and shop workers.

A separate and related report jointly published by the Centre for Workforce Intelligence (CfWi) and the RSPH is also out today. 

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