WOW Show shines spotlight on lesser known careers for teens

Published: 22 May 2019

Last Updated: 26 June 2019

Schools and colleges took their students behind the scenes in healthcare on 26 June to explore the pathways to rewarding and fulfilling careers.

Working with Health Education England (HEE), The WOW Show was given access to allied health professionals, the third largest professional group in the NHS. A half-hour live programme on Wednesday 26 June 2019 gave students real-life encounters with newly qualified professionals, providing fresh perspectives on the world of work. 

Watch a recording of the programme and you can find more health careers films in this Wow Show playlist

Inspiring the Future

The Wow Show is also linking up with Inspiring the Future allowing schools to invite an ambassador to visit their school to help students deepen their understanding of these career opportunities. 

I See The Difference outreach

I See The Difference is drawing attention to allied health professions and what makes them such fantastic careers. Their outreach officers travel all over the country, playing a big part in the effort to raise awareness of healthcare careers and supporting e recruitment. If you would like to request an outreach officer to visit your school, email!

Teaching and careers resources 

Visit the RSA website for lesson plans and information about the career pathway to becoming an allied health professional.

Further information

For further information, email, assistant project manager, for the allied health professionals programme at HEE. 

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