Working in health

Considering a career in health? There are all sorts of roles available.

There's everything from architect to bricklayer, cleaner to consultant doctor, or electrician to finance manager.

Hear real staff describe their role in one work in the film below.

Clinical and non-clinical

Roles within the healthcare sector are usually split into clinical and other roles, however some roles are open to people of any background. But all of them share the same focus: quality of service for patients and other users.

Roles open to those from a clinical background include:

Roles open to those from other backgrounds include:

Where will you work?

Nowadays many more health jobs are based outside traditional hospitals, so you could work in a GP surgery, ambulance trust, pharmacy, a charity or not-for-profit organisation, or local authority.

Public health

All health workers have a public health aspect to their role. For some this may only be a small part; for others, public health is the core of their role.

These public health aspects may be related to:

Core public health roles are:

There are many more roles within the wider public health workforce which may interest you.

Where will you work?

Both core and wider workforce roles can be found in a range of organisations, including national government, local government, higher education, the NHS, the armed forces, and the third sector. Read more about the employers of the public health workforce.

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