NHS Health Careers @ WhatCareer? Live

The NHS Health Careers team ran its first digital-only event at What Career? Live in March 2023, an event for school leavers at the NEC in Birmingham. NHS Health Careers is one of the most popular employers at the exhibition.

NHS Health Careers

What Career Live 2023

  • Previously, the team had brought around 600 booklets and 1,500 postcards for the 20,000+ visitors at each event. Keen to see if we could better engage visitors, we instead had a suite of laptops and tablets on the stand with the online registration form and tools from the NHS Health Careers website including the Find your Career quiz, Course Finder and Explore Roles. NHS Jobs was also available for anyone looking for current vacancies. 

  • Usually with some encouragement, we found young people were able to find all the information they needed and were more than happy to complete the quiz and sign-up to receive more information. This was especially the case for most visitors who either had specific questions about the NHS, or had a good idea of what careers they wanted to pursue.

    For those who were not sure what they wanted to do, the Find your Career quiz meant they were able to instantly find careers that matched their skills and interests, before researching them further using the individual role pages which have entry requirements, skills needed and current vacancies.

    Visitors are often very pleased with the information available and often say they will continue to do further research at home, now they are familiar with the website.

    As the audience was school leavers, there was a lot on interest in apprenticeships and university courses. The Course Finder on the website was especially useful to help them find the universities offering the training they were interested in while NHS Jobs gave them insights into apprenticeship vacancies.

  • The online registration form led to over 200 sign-ups. When considering the overall event cost, this gave us a strong return on investment. For every £20 spent on the event, one person signed up to receive careers information. Very few people asked us for printed information to take away and the ones that did were usually teachers or careers advisers. 

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