Roles in the dental team

Whatever your role, you’ll be making a big contribution to the oral health of the nation and the wider care of patients. 

Take a look at the range of roles and opportunities below in the dental team.

  • You'll help children and adults look after their teeth and gums.

    Sometimes you might be working on a one-to-one basis while on occasion you'll work with groups of people talking about good oral health. 

    Becoming a dental hygienist
  • You'll support the dentist in all aspects of patients’ dental care.

    You may help with reception work and could help any member of the dental team treat patients of all ages.

    Becoming a dental nurse
  • You'll make the dentures, crowns, bridges and dental braces that improve patients’ appearance, speech and ability to chew.

    You'll use a wide range of materials such as gold, porcelain and plastic to design and construct appliances to meet each patient’s needs

    Becoming a dental technician or dental technologist
  • You'll perform some of the more straightforward work usually undertaken by a dentist.

    You'll have independence without the full responsibility of running a practice. You can also provide treatment in other parts of the community, such as schools and care homes.

    Becoming a dental therapist
  • You are the frontline of good oral health.

    You'll work with communities to prevent and treat dental/oral disease, correct dental irregularities and treat dental/facial injuries.

    Becoming a dentist

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