FAQs about careers in the dental team

This page has some frequently asked questions about careers in the dental team.

Who works in the dental team?

The dental team includes dentistsdental nursesdental therapistsdental hygienists and dental technicians/technologists. There are opportunities to progress into more specialist roles such as an orthodontic therapist

How do I train to be a dentist?

There are three stages to the training, but you'll need to start by going to university to do an approved degree in dentistry. Find out more about studying for a career in the dental team.

You can also use the course finder to search for the dental schools/universities approved to run degree courses in dentistry.

How do I train to be a dental hygienist or dental therapist?

You'll need to go to university to do an approved degree course in dental hygiene or dental therapy. Some courses combine both areas. You can use our course finder to search for the universities approved to run degree courses in dental hygiene and dental therapy.

Find out more about studying for a career in the dental team

How do I train to be a dental nurse?

Visit our page about dental nursing for information and our coursefinder for information on courses available.

Can dental nurse training be done without working in a dental environment?

You'll need to put what you learn into practice and so even if you do a full-time course, there will usually be dental nurse placements or time spent in the dental school's practice. Visit our dental nursing pages for details of the training.

Is there financial help to support while I’m training for a career in the dental care team?

Current students on approved degrees in dentistry can receive some financial help from the NHS. Read more on our web pagesFind out more about financial help available from the NHS on the NHS Business Service Authority's website

Students on approved degrees in dental hygiene or dental therapy will usually need to take out student loans but may also be eligible for support through the NHS Learning Support Fund. Find out more on our web pages.

Can I get help with my applications for a degree in dentistry?

Medic Mentor offers a variety of resources and support for those considering applying for dental school. Find out more about Medic Mentor

Where can I find more information about a career in the dental team?

You can find more information about careers in the dental team by visiting our explore roles section.

How can I rejoin the General Dental Council register if I am no longer registered?

You can find out more about rejoining the register on the General Dental Council's website.

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