Values of the NHS Constitution

If you're applying for a job either directly in the NHS or in an organisation that provides NHS services, you'll be asked to demonstrate the values of the NHS Constitution and how they would apply in your everyday work. 

If you're applying for a university course such as nursing you'll also be tested on your values. 

This is why is it so important for you to think about how you demonstrate the values in your applications and interviews. You may want to think about work experience or volunteering you have done or experiences from your personal life such as helping friends or family. 

The values

So what are the values? There are six values that all staff – everyone from porters, physiotherapists, nurses, paramedics and gardeners to secretaries, consultants, healthcare scientists and phlebotomists – are expected to demonstrate:

Test your values with an e-tool

Health Education England has a free online tool to champion the values and behaviours of the NHS. The tool will show you some videos of staff working in various situations and ask you questions about how you would have handled the same situation. You'll then get an assessment report to show you how you've done. 

Try out the tool for yourself. 

Patients and people using NHS services

For patients and the people who use NHS services, the NHS Constitution reiterates that:

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