Study and training

Whatever stage you are at of your career or education journey, study and training is available to give your future NHS career a boost. Even if you are already working in the NHS or the wider health and social care sector, you'll find opportunities and support to push your career to the next level. 

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Not every NHS career starts with a degree. You'll find a range of NHS apprenticeships, traineeships and cadet schemes that lead to many of the more than 350 different careers in the NHS. You'll also find that many apprenticeships are available to current NHS staff as part of continuous professional development. 

University training 

You could start your degree straight from school or college, after an apprenticeship or later in life should you be thinking of changing careers. Take a look at the opportunities and support available:

Graduate opportunties 

If you are a new graduate, or have had a degree for awhile, and looking for a career change, there’s a range of study and training courses and schemes to help you start an NHS career:

Already working in health and social care 

Maybe you are already working in the NHS or the care sector. All the training above is also available to you but also much, much more:  

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