FAQs about careers in management

This page has some frequently asked questions about careers in management in the health sector.

What do managers do in the health sector?

Managers in the health sector work in a wide variety of disciplines including clinical care, human resources, financeproject management, hotel services and communications and corporate affairs.

Visit our explore roles section on careers in management for further details

How do I become a manager in the NHS? What qualifications do I need?

There are various routes into management and some may be available as apprenticeships. You could work your way up from more junior roles; apply for a place on the Graduate Management Training Scheme or gain relevant experience in another sector before applying for a position in the NHS.

What is the NHS Graduate Management Training Scheme?

The NHS Graduate Management Training Scheme recruits a number of graduates onto a fast track training programme and prepares them for senior management roles.

The scheme focuses on six specialist management areas - general management, human resources, finance, health informatics, health analysis and policy and strategy management. There is an annual intake each year.

Find out more about the NHS Graduate Management Training Scheme

Do I have to do the Graduate Management Training Scheme to become a manager in the NHS?

Not at all. There are a number of routes into management. You could work your way up from more junior roles or gain relevant experience in another sector before applying for a position in the NHS.

Are there any skills I could transfer into a management role?

Yes, many areas of management are not unique to healthcare, such as financehuman resourcespurchasing or hotel services management.

You may therefore have gained skills in another role (within or outside of the health sector) and be able to use these in a management role.

Do you have to have worked in the health sector before applying for management posts?

No. However, there are some more senior roles that may require experience of managing resources in a healthcare environment.

Do vacancies always go to internal applicants?

No. It depends on the candidate that best meets the criteria in the person specification and can demonstrate this through the application and selection process.

Can I work my way up into management roles in the health sector?

Yes. By gaining appropriate experience and training, it is possible to meet the required criteria for more senior level positions.

How can I get into project management in the NHS?

Take a look at our information about working in general project management and project management specifically within estates and facilities

Where can I find more information about careers in management?

You can find more information about careers in management by visiting our explore roles section.

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