Graduate training opportunities

This page describes the various programmes available if your first degree is not directly related to a career in health. There are links to other websites where you can find out more.

If you're currently studying or considering studying for a degree in a subject not leading to a clinical career, there are still graduate training opportunities that you can consider in the health sector.

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For example, with a first degree in psychology or human biology, you might consider an accelerated programme in nursing or with a relevant science or engineering degree, you could consider the NHS Scientist Training Programme (STP).

Graduates of any discipline can apply for the NHS Graduate Management Training Scheme and for entry into accelerated Graduate-entry programmes in medicine at a small number of medical schools.

If you're considering a graduate entry or accelerated programme at a university, it is essential that you check the entry requirements with each university individually as each is responsible for its own entry requirements.

Use our course finder to search for accelerated programmes at universities.

Graduate programmes

Graduate programmes range from accelerated courses for those who want to enter certain clinical roles, to structured management training schemes. Programmes include:

It is important to note that, although there are formal graduate programmes that can train you for particular healthcare careers, there are also lots of jobs in organisations that provide NHS healthcare where a degree in any subject can be useful.

Further information

To get an idea of careers that might suit you, take a look at the Prospects website. By entering the degree subject you intend to study, or have already taken, you will find guidance on your career prospects and examples of other graduates working in organisations providing NHS healthcare.

You can also look at our Explore role pages to find out about any careers that interest you

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