Dental team

Providing dental care for the community or in an acute setting is a team responsibility.

Each member of the dental team has an important role to play in promoting and maintaining dental health. As well as looking after the nation's teeth, gums and mouths, the dental team contributes to the wider care of patients.

Through the skills of everyone in the team, and with advances in dentistry, the number of fillings needed has reduced. More of us are looking after our teeth better and keeping them for longer. What’s more, the skills of the dental team, coupled with advances in dental technology, mean that a visit to the dentist is seen as a positive way to support health and wellbeing.

Gum disease remains a highly prevalent disease, as do other diseases of the mouth, such as oral cancers. Most dental diseases are preventable and it is important that all members of the dental team have adequate training and are utilised effectively. 

As well as dentists, the dental team includes the following dental care professionals (DCPs):

Whatever role you choose, you'll be making a big contribution to looking after the nation's teeth, gums and mouths.

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