Getting experience

Get some work experience ideas, how to find them and and how to make the most of them.

Getting experience can put you on the road to an NHS career. Many NHS jobs and training courses, such as university degrees and apprenticeships, need some level of experience. While for others, you'll need to demonstrate that you've looked into the role you're interested in and have some understanding of what it involves.

Ways of getting experience

Getting some experience can be really important in finding an NHS career. Here are some of the different things you can do.

The greater and more varied the experience you have the better, so you could, for instance, do a placement as well as some volunteering.

Relevant experience

Ideally you should try to gain experience in the area of health that interests you. However, any experience can be useful because just being in a health environment can give you an insight into the work. If you're considering a university course, make sure you find out what sort of experience they're looking for. Contact them or visit their website. It's best not to assume!

Thousands of organisations provide healthcare in one way or another. You could consider gaining experience at:

Your role could be to support patients or clients directly, or staff in general, or it may be behind the scenes.

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