Real-life story - Tyiba Pervaz

Tyiba has always been interested in caring for people, whether it was in a nursing home, hospital or through voluntary work.  

Tyiba Pervaz Patient Transport Service (PTS) driver
Employer or university West Midlands Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust
Salary range £10k-£20k

How I got into the role

I have a certificate in health from Manchester Metropolitan University and during my career have cared for patients from all ages in various health settings such as hospitals, nursing homes, voluntary organisations, domiciliary care and ambulance service. My experience includes looking after people who have challenging behaviour or learning disabilities and I was also a volunteer for St John Ambulance for a while too. I have looked after patients of all ages. 

In 2011 I joined West Midlands Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust as a patient transport service controller. I enjoyed that role but working in an office is not really my thing so, when an ambulance driver vacancy came up, I jumped at the chance to apply. 

What I do

My job involves taking patients to and from routine hospital appointments, transferring them from one hospital to another, taking them home when they’re discharged or to an intermediate care facility. 

While working for the ambulance service I have completed an advanced diploma in support services and have completed high dependency training to enable me to transfer patients requiring cardiac monitoring. 

The best bits and challenges

I enjoy the patient interaction that comes with my job as a patient transport service driver and travelling all over the West Midlands as part of my work. I also love the daily interaction with the patients as well as the actual driving part of the job. The day goes very quickly because I’m always travelling all over the West Midlands and sometimes beyond.

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