Alternative roles for doctors

The following section is for doctors, medical trainees or medical students who are considering a move to an alternative career. You will find ideas of jobs where a medical degree and clinical training or experience are valued.

The skills you have gained from medical training and clinical practice are highly transferable to a variety of professions. These include scientific, technological, managerial and financial roles.

Transferable skills you will have gained include:

  • communication skills
  • empathy
  • problem-solving
  • coping with pressure
  • professional integrity
  • team working
  • decision-making

Find out more about:

    • be realistic - changing careers is not an easy process and could mean a drop in salary or seniority
    • market your transferable skills
    • gain some experience in the sector you want to move into
    • research new roles carefully
    • develop contacts that can help you make the transition
    • Medical Success is a website with ideas of alternative medical career paths for doctors beyond the hospital or the GP surgery
    • Medic Footprints is an independent, doctor-led, and unbiased organisation which enables the medical profession to explore career opportunities beyond the conventional


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