Clinical academic medicine

Clinical academics are qualified doctors who combine working as a specialist doctor with research and/or teaching responsibilities.

There is a variable split between the roles. If your role is split 50/50, you will spend half the week practising as a doctor and the other half carrying out research and lecturing. 

A clinical academic career can provide flexibility and variety and will also suit you if you have a passion for innovation, developing the future workforce and strengthening evidence-based practice.

Clinical academics exist in all medical specialties from anaesthetics to epidemiology, and from surgery to public health.

If you choose a clinical academic career, you'll make a vital contribution at every research stage - from early biomedical research understanding disease pathways, through to drug development and personalised medicine.

Want to learn more?

The Clinical Academic Training and Careers Hub (CATCH) website showcases and promotes options, as well as providing practical advice on starting a career in clinical academia. 

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