Doctors planning their return to the UK

This page gives you tips on how to make the most of your time abroad and to maximise the benefits from this experience on your return.

Hints and tips for planning your return to the UK after training abroad

  • if you take time out of Foundation or specialty training, make arrangements before you go for keeping in touch while you are abroad. For example, before you return, there may be a requirement for you to give notice of your intention to return to the programme. This should be given to both the local HEE office/deanery and your foundation programme director so they can make the necessary arrangements
  • if you are going abroad between foundation and specialty training you may wish to keep in touch with your local HEE office/deanery careers service to be posted with specialty training opportunities for your return
  • if you intend to apply for specialty training while you are abroad you will need to make arrangements to return to the UK for interview. This needs to be considered when you are planning your time away
  • maintain a record of your experience while abroad. This can include logbooks, reflective journals, evidence of assessments and reports from your overseas educational supervisor
  • keep your CV up to date
  • if you are on an Out of Programme Opportunity (OOP) scheme you may need to send a report to the relevant Royal College – find out before you go
  • make the most of your time abroad. As well as learning new skills and gaining work experience, you will have the opportunity to be immersed in a new culture and see how healthcare works in another country. Employers will place a high value on this experience and how you can apply it when you return

Finally, remember the GMC rules: good medical practice applies wherever you are in the world.

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