Planning for medical experience abroad

If you’re considering going abroad for any of your medical training you should plan well in advance. Gather as much information as possible and plan as early you can. It’s important that you have everything in writing — don’t rely on agreements made over the phone.

Make sure you discuss your plans with one or more of the following (depending on which stage of your training you have reached):

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If you terminate your contract early, make sure you contact your employer to resign in line with the terms and conditions of your contact.

Make sure you understand the requirements and restrictions which apply to training and accreditation for both the UK and the country which you’re applying to go to.

It’s equally important to plan for your return to the UK. Think about who to keep in touch with while you’re away and what you’re going to do when you return.

People to keep in touch with might be:

Read our information on planning your return to the UK.

Find out more by reading some tips for planning a year overseas:

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