"I developed a passion for working with people which helped guide my career choices."

Amritpal's foundation training helped her decide which specialty best suited her. She decided that a career in general practice was for her. 

Amritpal Riat

GP specialty trainee year 3 (GPST3) doctor in general practice

Employer or university
Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust
Amritpal Riat - female GP

The foundation training experiences helped me weigh up what speciality suited me the most

  • Medicine is a fascinating and fulfilling career. Whilst at school, I found that I had an interest in science and quickly had an attraction to medicine. I then developed a passion for working with people which helped guide my career choices.

    During my foundation years, after medical school, I worked in: healthcare of the elderly, trauma and orthopaedics, colorectal surgery, critical care, general practice (GP) and respiratory medicine. Foundation training gave me the chance to try out a range of specialties and expand my knowledge and skills, I also gained experience which helped me weigh up what speciality suited me the most. I then decided pursued a career in general practice.

    As a GP trainee, I worked in A&E, community elderly services, general practice and then paediatrics. These rotations were invaluable and put me in good stead for becoming a GP. Whilst working in A&E I saw first hand how A&E and GP specialties work together and influence each other.  Community elderly training taught me about our ever increasing ageing population and the move towards managing as much care as possible in the community. Paediatrics taught me how to manage whole families and gave me the confidence I need to assess children.  

  • I'm currently completing my final year of training in an inner city practice. My day-to-day work includes seeing patients in the surgery, home visits and meetings.

    As a trainee working in general practice, the tutorials and teaching time focus on consultation skills and the roles of a GP beyond consulting in clinics, including professional development. The tutorials and teaching also help me gain insight into the ever evolving structure of general practice ithin the NHS. 

  • I am starting to recognise and understand how general practice can make a difference to whole populations which has led me to think about health systems and general practice in other countries. I have recently been awarded an EU placement and can now explore my interests overseas. 

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