"Helping people get to grips with technology is really satisfying, especially real technophobes who then become IT enthusiasts."

Jan has always had an interest in training, she was surprised when she found that her experience as a scientist in the food industry really helped her out in the NHS. 

Jan Harrison

Application support and training manager

Employer or university
North Yorkshire and Humber Commissioning Support Unit
Salary range
  • The skills I gained as a scientist and manager in the food industry really helped me in my NHS career. My first NHS role was as a sterile services technician on an evening shift, which worked for me around my children.

    I'd always enjoyed quality assurance and auditing so when I saw a post in clinical audit at the trust, it really appealed to me.  Securing this job meant I worked across a lot of specialities, working with a range of different healthcare professionalshelping them with their clinical audit and governance. This role really helped me to appreciate what the NHS does.

  • Developing training packages had been something I had previously enjoyed, so my next career move was into IT training. Straightaway I was hooked.  My employer was also really supportive in my development and helped me complete my Post Graduate Certificate in Education.  Since then, my career in IT training has really taken off. I have been really lucky to work at a number of different organisations and positions and I am now managing a team of 15 people offering IT training across the Humber area.

    Helping people get to grips with technology is really satisfying, especially real technophobes who then become IT enthusiasts. It is also inspiring to know you have helped others to do their job more effectively which then improves patient care. It is easy to forget when you are not in working directlywith patients, but it is ultimately why we are all here.

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