Training and development (project manager)

Different levels of training in project management are available, depending on the level at which you're working.

Whatever your role within project management, gaining management qualifications while working will improve your career prospects and performance greatly and is encouraged in most healthcare organisations. Training will vary for each type of management.

The Association for Project Management provides three courses:

Graduate management training scheme

The NHS Graduate Management Training Scheme is an intensive programme, combining early responsibility in real jobs with management education. It offers the opportunity to specialise in general, financial, informatics, human resource or policy and strategy management. The scheme includes a thorough induction and orientation to the NHS, work placements and, on the General Management Training Scheme, the opportunity to spend time working with other healthcare organisations in the UK.  Trainees on the General Management Scheme are also given the opportunity to gain postgraduate qualifications in health care or general management. Project management is an area that general management trainees in particular, can often enter.

Find out more about the NHS Graduate Management Training Scheme.

Find out more about the entry requirements, skills and interests required to enter a career in project management.

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