Training and development (human resources management)

Training in human resources (HR) management is available from organisations including NAMPS and the CIPD.

Training and development

The training you take in HR management will depend on your role

Medical staffing roles

If you’re working in medical staffing roles, you may be required to have attended courses provided by the National Association of Medical Personnel Specialists (NAMPS). These courses are available at Foundation and Advanced Management level.

The Foundation course is aimed at newly appointed staff with limited experience. The course covers day-to-day essential knowledge and information required to do the job. The Advanced course is aimed at those staff with experience or in a senior post, covering the more complex areas of the job. NAMPS also has a newsletter and runs conferences for members.

HR management

Managers working in the general area of human resources will often need to have or be prepared to work towards gaining qualifications recognised by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD).

CIPD qualifications are available at Level 3 Foundation, Level 5 Intermediate and Level 7 Advanced. You can study awards, certificates and diplomas at each of these levels.

CIPD qualifications are offered at a number of education institutions (including Universities) and on a range of modes of study including full-time, part-time, distance, flexible and open learning.

NHS employees will usually be expected to undertake CIPD qualifications on a part-time basis and NHS employers will usually provide support in the form of some time off for study and/or assistance with course fees.

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NHS Graduate Management Training Scheme (HR option)

The NHS Graduate Management Training Scheme is an intensive graduate-entry programme, combining early responsibility in real jobs with management education. It offers the opportunity to specialise in several areas of management including HR management. The scheme includes a thorough induction and orientation to the NHS, work placements and the opportunity to gain postgraduate CIPD qualifications.

Find out more about the NHS Graduate Management Training Scheme.

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