"I think apprenticeships are great because you get hands on experience in a work environment whilst earning money at the same time!"

Sophie completed her degree in physical education but after helping her local community with the coronavirus vaccinations she decided to take up an NHS apprenticeship.

Sophie Mawson

National apprentice administrator

NHS apprentice Sophie Mawson
  • During the coronavirus pandemic, I worked with my local council and the NHS to help my local community with PCR testing, Lateral Flow testing, the vaccinations and Track & Trace. I enjoyed helping people and making a difference, which is exactly what the NHS is all about. It inspired me to help and be a part of the NHS myself. I appreciate the hard work they do more than ever.

  • I work from home due to starting my role during the coronavirus pandemic. My typical day starts with checking through my emails and other project’s inboxes. I note down my to-do tasks and reply to any queries that I have received. Attend meetings with my team and any external stakeholders that I have organised. As an administrator I coordinate multiple members of my teams diaries and set up meeting invites. I book travel and hotel for the team whenever is required. I hold monthly webinars for the projects I help with which involves tasks such as preparing agendas, sending meeting invites, sharing my screen of the PowerPoints in the webinars, record the meeting and send summary meeting minutes.

  • I love helping people whether the tasks are big or little! I keep my busy team organised and on track with tasks. Organising people’s diaries can be challenging at times but it’s satisfying when completed and I know it’s a massive help for my colleagues when sorted. As my team’s administrator I love that I get to work with lots of people and build great connections.

  • I am very sporty and athletic. I love dancing, diving and trampolining. I’ve danced since I was 3 years old and started diving when I was 12. I finished diving when I was 17 and moved onto being a Level 2 diving coach. While studying at Sheffield Hallam University I took up trampolining and represented Team Hallam in competitions all around the UK. Outside of work on a daily basis I enjoy walking my dog, going to the gym and meeting my friends.  

  • I would advise not to be pressured into the ‘traditional’ route of university if you don’t feel it is the right path for you. I think apprenticeships are great because you get hands on experience in a work environment whilst earning money at the same time! I completed sixth form and my A-Levels, went to university and got a first class degree in Physical Education and School Sport. Since then I’m now completing my Level 3 qualification in Business Administration. I don’t think that one route is better than the other, I believe that you should pick the path that suits you and your future aspirations. That’s the most important bit.

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