"By working hard and with the support of my managers, I’ve had a wide variety of roles and many opportunities."

Meet César who shares his experience as an international nurse.

César Miranda

Senior Staff Nurse in the Emergency Department

César joined the NHS from Portugal and enjoys the freedom and flexibility of life and work in the UK.

How has the NHS helped to develop your career?

There are many opportunities to progress in your career when you work for the NHS. I moved here from Portugal and joined the NHS as a Band 5 staff nurse in March 2015. I’ve since worked as an orthopaedic and a surgical nurse, and I’m currently working in the A&E as a Band 6 nurse. I’m now aiming to do a specialty.

By working hard and with the support of my managers, I’ve had a wide variety of roles and many opportunities. 

  • Since I joined the NHS, I’ve been given the freedom to progress in my career and I’ve been rewarded for my hard work. The NHS gives you that freedom and flexibility. It doesn’t matter how old you are or what you are after, there are a wide variety of roles and something for everyone.  

  • There is always someone there for you in your moment of need. There is an open-door policy and freedom of speech. 

  • You get a fair salary for the job that you do and with career progression, you can also improve your salary. 

    I may work a 12-hour shift and feel tired, but when I get home, I know that I have money to live a comfortable life. I don’t have to worry about my bills and that gives me peace of mind. The end of the month is no longer a concern for me. 

  • Professionally, I have many options and the chance to progress in my career. Personally, I have met people from many cultures, and the opportunity to experience so many things – going out to restaurants and cinemas, playing sports and travelling. It is a cultural experience like no other. 

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