Third sector

If you're thinking about working in a health role within the third sector in the UK, this page provides you with a wealth of information to help.

The term ‘third sector’ relates to organisations that are not for profit and non-governmental, in contrast to the public and private sectors. The terms ‘voluntary and community sector’, ‘civil society’ and ‘charities’ are also sometimes used. Many are dedicated to raising awareness and funds for particular health conditions such as cancer, stroke, diabetes to name but a few. 

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Thinking about working in the third sector? 

If you're considering working in a third sector organisation, the work environment and benefits will vary from organisation to organisation. Some organisations are run on public donations, others on grant arrangements. It's important therefore that you consider the main sources of funding. For example, this may involve working in roles involving short-term contracts and time-limited project-based funding can mean less secure employment.

The benefits however, of working in the third sector - for example flexible working, training and development, remuneration - are similar to those of other sectors. Equally, short-term contracts and time-limited project-based work can be favourable option for many people. 

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