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Allied health professionals

The allied health professions cover a broad range of careers such as podiatry, occupational therapy and speech and language therapy. A career in the allied health professions makes you highly employable, allows you to help people every day and gives you the flexibility to live and work anywhere.

In the allied health professions you’ll be working directly with patients, improving the care they receive and having a direct impact on their lives. These are jobs with real purpose that allow you to make a difference every day.

You’ll also benefit from excellent job prospects, the ability to live and work anywhere in the country and have the opportunity to take your career in a number of directions.

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What are the allied health professions?

The allied health professions cover a broad range of careers including:

You can find a full range of careers in the allied health professions.

How to join the allied health professions

Entry requirements vary depending on which allied health profession you pursue and where you decide to study. To become an allied health professional involves training and study at degree or diploma level.

You can take a look at where you might be able to study using our Course Finder.

Support roles 

Clinical support staff also play a vital role in our health system. These roles do not require any set academic qualifications, so have a look at our clinical support roles section. 

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You can also download a copy of our Careers in the allied health professions booklet

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