Allied health professionals

Every day, our allied health professionals play a crucial role in treating, rehabilitating and improving the lives of patients. There are 15 different roles available, working across a range of sectors from emergency response and diagnosis to mental and physical rehabilitation.

Featured roles

There are lots of allied health professional roles available, and these are just some of the ones we’re recruiting for.
  • You'll use cutting-edge technology to look inside a patients' bodies and help understand and diagnose any conditions they may have.

    Becoming a diagnostic radiographer
  • You’ll work in a range of emergency and non-emergency situations, using your judgement and skills to quickly assess a patient’s condition and make life-saving decisions.

    Becoming a paramedic
  • You’ll treat and care for people whose feet and legs have been affected by injury or illness, by relieving pain, treating infections and improving their mobility.

    Becoming a podiatrist
  • You’ll help people improve their mobility and regain their independence by recommending specialist exercises, carrying out massage and using high-tech equipment.

    Becoming a physiotherapist
  • You’ll help all kinds of people overcome all kinds of challenges, whether it’s someone recovering from trauma or learning to live with a disability, so they can live as fully and independently as possible.

    Becoming an occupational therapist
  • You’ll diagnose and treat visual impairments and eye movement disorders, directly changing a patient’s quality of life.

    Becoming an orthoptist
  • You’ll use the latest technology to create and fit artificial limbs or aids, transforming patients’ lives by helping them to run or walk better, or simply stand without pain.

    Becoming a prosthetist or orthotist
  • You’ll be a source of hope and care for cancer patients, designing treatment plans and using some of the most complex and advanced technology to treat tumours.

    Becoming a therapeutic radiographer
Planning a return to healthcare?
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Discover more roles

From drama and music therapy to surgery and recovery, there are plenty more roles in the allied health professions to choose from.

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