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  1. Public health practitioner

    Public health practitioners can have a huge influence on the health and wellbeing of individuals, groups, communities and populations. 

    Qualifications are likely to vary as a public health practitioner, depending on the nature of the role. An example entry route would be to get a qualification and experience of working in a public health related area. Depending on the specific practitioner role, related qualifications could include a first level degree in Public Health or related area, Nursing, Environmental Health, or Sport and Exercise. A degree apprenticeship standard for public health practitioners has been approved for delivery.
    NHS staff usually work 37.5 hours per week but terms and conditions for non-NHS employers and contractors vary. You may be asked to work some evenings and weekends. Most jobs in the NHS are covered by Agenda for Change (AfC) pay scales. Many public health practitioners are employed outside the NHS, especially in local authorities or voluntary organisations. Salaries can vary widely, but start at around £21,000.
    Some of the skills and qualities you'll need as a public health practitioner include well developed people skills, an ability to value difference and diversity, creativity, analysing and interpreting information, creating marketing materials, writing publications and reports and making recommendations about how services could be delivered.
    Public health practitioners may develop their skills and expertise through more senior practitioner roles or go into management, service lead roles or leadership positions.
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