Interviews for medical school

This page helps you to prepare for medical school interviews. It explains the format they can take, gives examples of questions and offers tips on the interview itself.

Why medical schools interview applicants

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Interview procedures and formats

Interviews vary depending on the medical school, so find out as much as you can about what to expect. Ask at open days, and look at the medical school’s prospectus or website. Interviews generally take place from November to late April. When you’re invited for an interview bears no relation to how favourably your application is being considered.

Interview formats vary. For example:

Preparing for the interview

Preparation is essential to success. Think about the topics you could be asked about and what points you would make in response. Don’t memorise stock answers because it will appear stilted and you may be caught out if the question isn’t quite the same. You won’t be able to anticipate all the questions, so don’t be alarmed if you are asked the unexpected.

The interview may focus on what you’ve put in your personal statement. Read it through and be prepared to discuss anything you’ve mentioned. You may have to talk about your work experience or reading you have done, for example.

Be aware that you may be given scenario questions. You’ll be asked how you would deal with different problems or situations or how you’ve coped with similar ones yourself.

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