Medical education

This page outlines opportunities for working in medical education, the skills you will need and how to maximise your chances of getting in.

What opportunities are there?

  • most medical educators work in either universities or hospitals to support medical students or trainee doctors, or in a public health role in a local authority
  • a drive to improve the quality of medical training has led to increasing opportunities in medical education
  • there is also increasing professional support for those working in this area, from organisations such as the Academy of Medical Educators

Opportunities in universities

Most university-based medical educators have transferred from a clinical career or continue to balance a clinical career with a research and teaching career as clinical academics. There are currently more opportunities for clinical academics because of the drive to involve more clinicians in undergraduate medical training.

Opportunities in public health

Most work in a local authority, but it is also possible to work for agencies, such as the World Health Organisation in the UK or abroad.

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