Summer jobs and part-time work while at medical school

This page explains how a summer job or part-time work in a relevant post can be of benefit in your medical studies and future career. It gives a few examples of suitable roles and provides links to further information.

Both summer jobs and part-time work can give you useful experience. If you want to work during the term, remember that your main focus should be on your studies. As tough as it might be, don’t sacrifice your long-term career goal to earn some extra money.

female doctor with patient on ward

All sorts of jobs can help you develop your transferable skills and provide you with an income. However, working in a health-related role would be particularly useful in the future. Depending on your job, it could:

Apart from hospitals, you could investigate vacancies in clinics, private hospitals, with charities and care homes. Examples of suitable paid work include:

You can register for temporary vacancies through the NHS Professionals website. For more information on paid work and the issues to consider, see our Gaining experience for medical school page.

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