Support available while at medical school

This page looks at the support you can access during your medical training. Help is not only available with your studies, but also for other issues in your life that might be causing you concern. Use the links to find out more.

Training to be a doctor is challenging. Most medical students find the combination of academic work, deadlines and clinical placements very demanding.

You’ve also got the adjustments that all students have to make at the start of university, particularly if you’re studying away from home. These include financial concerns or simply how to fit your social life and outside interests around your academic work. You might even doubt that you’ve made the right decision in choosing medicine, or may have concerns about the length of training.

Medical schools understand these pressures very well and there’s lots of help available.

eye doctor with patient

While you’re at medical school, the way in which support is organised may vary but you can usually access help from: 

Your university may also offer mentoring or pastoral support schemes with experienced doctors, who will meet with you regularly to share their knowledge and skills and offer support during the course.

You will also find the following general services at your university:

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