Working life (cardiology)

This page provides useful information on the working week as well as any on-call and other commitments, along with information on who you will work with. The attractions and challenges of the job are also in this section.

How your time is spent and on call

In a typical week, a consultant cardiologist will spend three-quarters of their time on direct clinical care involving inpatients, outpatients and laboratory work. This also includes time for team meetings, clinical administration and being on-call. Nearly 70% of consultants say they are routinely on-call at weekends.

The rest of their week is taken up doing support activities such as clinical management meetings, providing advice to colleagues in other specialties, liaising with community and primary care services, audit, service improvement, teaching and assessing junior staff, clinical research, and their own continuing professional development.

Inpatients generally arrive at the emergency department and are admitted to the cardiac care unit.

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