Paediatrics is the area of medicine that manages medical conditions affecting infants, children and young people.

Nature of the work

It’s a holistic specialty — treatment takes into account symptoms of the disease and other factors (eg mental and social), making it specific for the individual. The aim is to minimise the adverse effects of disease, while allowing children to live as normal a life as possible.

Paediatricians may offer any of these three levels of patient care:

 “I work in a truly multidisciplinary team to provide the care that is needed”. Anu Raykundalia, Community paediatric specialist registrar, Ealing Hospital NHS Trust.

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 doctor paediatrics with child

General paediatrics remains the bedrock of the service, but there are opportunities to develop close links with other areas of medicine such as primary care, child and adolescent psychiatry and public health. Within paediatrics, specialists may develop skills in a variety of medical fields, including community paediatrics and neonatal intensive care.

It’s a large and diverse field, encompassing everything from high-technology specialties, such as neonatology, to community-based services such as managing care for disabled children.

Paediatrics is forward looking and research frequently leads to impressive and exciting medical discoveries.

Associated sub-specialties

There are many sub-specialties within paediatrics, including:

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