Working life (paediatrics)

This page provides useful information about the roles and responsibilities of a doctor working in paediatrics, where they work, who they work with and what they feel about their role.

"Working in paediatrics is stimulating and challenging. It offers so much variety and involves caring for the family as well as the child. I would recommend this area of medicine to any doctor."

Paediatricians enjoy a varied working life, seeing a wide range of patients, from babies through to teenagers. Adapting quickly to different situations is often a daily requirement. For example, the care of a small baby is completely different to the care of a teenager, and paediatricians must rapidly meet the needs of diverse patients throughout their working day.

Paediatrics is a progressive specialty, embracing flexible training and working. Many paediatricians work less than full time, and enjoy flexible hours in a variety of settings including hospitals, clinics and in the community.

Day-to-day responsibilities may include:

  • 24-hour services for acute inpatient care and A&E
  • outpatient consultations and clinical management for long-term conditions
  • clinical advice to social services, education and other agencies

  • Paediatricians work with a wide range of other professionals, such as:

    • teachers
    • social workers
    • physiotherapists
    • speech therapists
    • dieticians
    • medical secretaries and administrative staff
  • As a paediatrician you will work with a diverse and entertaining patient group. Caring for infants and children who often can’t fight their own corner and need the support of a caring professional is extremely rewarding.

    However, managing critical illness or disabilities in infants and children can be a difficult task.


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